The Mother is crying


I accidentally saw this picture yesterday on WWF site and it made me think a lot. What is in front of your eyes is an image of a piece of a tropical forest, just like thousands other forest in the world. It’s verdant, green and cool. There are various kinds of trees: tall trees, short trees, ancient trees, saplings, ferns, weeds and so on. There’s also a small stream with stones. This seems like a virgin forest. What a beautiful scene!

If the forest in this picture is real, I really feel lucky for it. In the time that the eco-system is seriously damaged, finding primary forests is very precious.

If you look more careful at the image, you’ll see a face. It’s not a normal face; it’s the face of a crying man. The man, with angry eyes, is crying his heart out. And he is trying to scream as loud as he can, but unfortunately, no one can hear him. He is crying for his friends, the jungles that were once green and what remains are withered and solitary stumps.

This is not only the tear of a fellow creature but also the tear of our Mother Nature. She created us and gave us everything, but now what we do to show our gratitude is killing her. To a mother, what is more hurtful than being killed by her own sons?

On the other hand, this could be understood as the regretful tears of humans who finally aware of what they have done to the earth. They repent of that. And they will fix it.

Writing this post reminds me of what‘s going on in my hometown. Hanoi is a beautiful city with rows of old trees, which was planted during the French domination, along with the streets. They are the childhood of many Hanoian generations, the thing that makes Hanoi different. The trees are also one of the reasons why this city is called “Paris of the East”. The trees are what tourists love about Hanoi and what Hanoi people keep in memory. They also provide large amount of oxygen for the city. But in a not-very-sunny day, suddenly, the authorities commanded to cut down 6700 trees without knowing whether it’s healthy or not, and replace them by another kind of tree which is not suitable to plant in the city. Even though protests were raised against this decision, but not enough to protect all. 500 trees were cut down. And when citizens start questioning where the wood will go, the authorities keep avoiding their responsibility. Just personal, I believe that there must be some greedy sir in this case.


That’s why sometimes I lose my faith in a greener future. Okay, now cover the screaming mouth and tell me what you see. What I see is totally different from what I describe above. It is no more a misery face; it is an insidious smile with wicked eyes, a perfidious person behind the mask. The tear fall from his eyes is crocodile tears. Do humans really aware of what they have done? Does this mean all the promises of protecting the environment from socialite and authorities are all lies?


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