(The man in the meme is a Vietnamese singer who is sued for music plagiarism, named Son Tung M-TP)

Copyright, a concept that was first introduced in 1710 is described as “an act for the encouragement of learning” (by Dr Mitew). Today, copyright is defined as “a legal right created by the law of a country that grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights to its use and distribution”. Yes, this law has been playing an important role in protecting authors and their intellectual products and it’s doing very well. So don’t try to steal anything or they will sue you.

Because this law is doing its job very well, there are some problems arise. Some people misuse the law for making money, price squeeze. Art is not something to keep for individual. High price prevents people, especially poor people from art. But what I’ve been concerning about is creativity. For instance, what will happen if I’m interested in a song, inspired by the song and write another song that is inspired by that original song? I do not intend to copy. Do I have to wait for 70 years? Is it justified?

– Wikipedia


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