Public Sphere

Public sphere, a concept created in the 18th, is a discursive place where people can interchange their opinions to create a common judgment, according to Hauser (Hauser, G., 1988).

The strong development of the Internet in the 21st century has contributed vastly to “public sphere”. One of the most typical examples of its contribution is blogs. Blogging is no longer strange to us. It has become an important part of our lives. It could be wordpress, it could be blog spot or blog society. There are several blog sites to choose but they all have some characteristics in common:

  1. Blogging is a simple way to share your own stories, own experience and viewpoints
  2. Blogging is also a way to raise a point, to debate, to reject a notion. It’s a place for both professionals and amateurs to express their views about politics and social issue. Everything is free. Everybody is able to join.

“Blogging reverses a trend that had become increasingly worrying in an era dominated by mass media, namely the erosion of what the cultural critic Jurgen Habermas called ‘the public sphere‘–an area where citizens gather to generate opinions and attitudes that affirm or challenge the actions of the state. Mass media offered the illusion of diversity while narrowing the range of real choices available–the ‘600 channels and nothing on’ syndrome. Blogging has revived–and begun to expand–the public sphere, and in the process may revitalize our democracies.” said John Naughton


  •  Neal, C.2012, “THE PUBLIC SPHERE AND THE NEW MEDIA”, Social media today
  • John Naughton, “Why Everyone’s Invited to the Tenth Birthday Bash for Blogger.” The Observer, Sep. 13, 2009

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