This is the only thing that comes across my mind when somebody say the word “music remix”:

Remix. It is defined as combining and editing existing materials to produce something new. It is a important part of read/write culture. It is rising strongly in the 21st century. There’s a fact that the number of remixes is increasing dramatically. A original song or movie may have several remixes. Remix is not all about music sampling as it has been mistaken by a lot of people, including me. It’s also about films, photos and other things that I haven’t found out. This is an example that I found quite interesting:

The first time I saw this was in my BCM110 lecture. This is a bad lip reading video remixing James Blunt’s song “You are beautiful”. In this video, base on lip reading, they wrote whole new lyrics for the song in a hilarious way.


  • Everything is a remix part 1, 2010, Kirby Ferguson


One response to “Remix!

  1. I like your example of “the only thing that comes across my mind when somebody say the word “music remix””. This is a clever means to express how prevalent remixing, remediating and sampling is in our society, as we all have a favourite or most memorable “remix” in our lives (at least i know i do). The reminder that the term “remixing” doesn’t just to pertain to the medium of music was also helpful. Something to improve your post would be to describe your engagement with and understanding of the term “read/write culture”, whilst also giving its definition for an unknowing reader. Other than that, interesting and enlightening stuff!


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