Unlike multimedia, which seems to be obsolete in the new media, transmedia appears and fast becomes a trend. The key that make transmedia different from multimedia is the engagement of audience. A typical example of transmedia, I’m not sure whether it’s the pioneer, but definitely one of the most successful studios  in this field, is Marvel Studio. And in particular, I will take Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), a famous transmedia franchise, as an instance for my presentation about transmedia

Click here for Prezi


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5 responses to “Transmedia!

  1. Great post! This was an extremely concise, well researched and visually entertaining Prezi! I really enjoyed the embedded videos and the vibrant pictures to keep the Prezi informative yet engaging. Marvel was an extremely good example as it is probably the easiest to understand, and with the contrasting definition of Multi-media and Trans-media this was made even easier! If you’re interested, check out this link it’s a little 13 minute video compiling all that makes up the Marvel Cinematic Universe in one little history lesson! Really enjoyed this post 🙂


  2. I really love this post! You’ve hit the nail on the head when explaining transmedia, though you may want to add a little on how it effects the audience therefore allowing each differing channel to add its own spin. But otherwise an awesome piece. You should take a look at this link it adds detail to specific marvel hero’s and how they have used transmedia to produce the story further.


  3. Great Post! I also used Marvel as my transmedia example, loved your prezi format and that you included all the featurettes of the franchise such as movies, tv series , toys etc. You effectively conveyed the message of transmedia with a great and easy example! (trying not to be bias). x 🙂


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