In response to US newest action in the South China Sea, China accused the patrol was “extremely irresponsible” and they will do anything to protect their territory.

“The United States has been very irresponsible”, said Yang Yujun, defense ministry spokesperson, “We will take any measures necessary to safeguard our security”.

China earlier said the USS Lassen “illegally” entered the waters near the islands in the Spratly archipelago without the permission of Chinese government.

As reported by Reuters, the US destroyer USS Lassen has already been sent to the disputed waters, sailed within 12 nautical miles of Subi Reef, an artificial island built up by China recently.

USS Lassen sailing 12 nautical miles of the islands (Source: ABC News)

It is stated on China’s foreign ministry website that US action is provoking and that escalates tensions in the region.

“China strongly urges the US side to conscientiously handle China’s serious representations, immediately correct its mistake and not take ant dangerous or provocative acts that threaten China’s sovereignty and security interest.”

The Chinese embassy in Washington said the concept of freedom of navigation should not be used as an excuse for muscle flexing, according to the ABC.


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