Research survey

In my previous blog post about my current research on Hallyu, I did mention the emergence of Korean Wave along side with the existence of Americanisation in the 21st century. It is an undeniable fact that Korean Wave has been spreading strongly, as a result of globalisation. We can see its effect throughout Asia, even the US or Australia. Last year, the MADE concert by Korean boyband BIG BANG in Sydney, which is their debut here, attracted about 23,000 people and the tickets were sold out in a few seconds. So that, even in a place where exists barriers like Australia, K-pop still have a strong attraction. So does this fact mean anything? Is it as popular as the media covers? Is there any chance that Korean Wave replaces Americanisation? Or it was just a few people to exaggerate it? Or is it a problem of Australia that we may need to be more open to other culture?

Questioning about these things, I have decided to conduct a survey to examine how popular Korean Wave actually is. As it is a part of subject BCM210, the survey will be carried out among UOW students only.

Click here to go to the survey

For any further info or question, please feel free to comment here, or email


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