Where are we?

Tik tok, tik tok…
The bell rang. It was 7am, a sunny Tuesday morning. It was the first day getting back to my normal daily life. 

I woke up, turning on my phone. There was nothing special on Facebook last night. Then I went to my first lecture of this semester, BCM240, started at 8am.

And Susan showed up. We went through the lecture and I checked my Facebook every 10 minute during the lecture (sorry Susan!)

At the end of the lesson, she asked a question: “Where are we in our lives?”
“Weird”, I thought, “It sounds stupid. Aren’t we here, sitting in the lecture? What is she talking about?”

A couple days later, a sat back, had a look at the slides. “Where are we in our lives?”, that question showed up again. Still weird, but I started to think about it. I googled it.

Well, interesting, that’s really an interesting question. Where are we? Sitting on a chair? No, it can’t be that simple. Are we really in the world that we are physically living in? I was on the Internet for a while searching for it.

And I realised that I was in the virtual world, I still am when I’m babbling in this post. And so are you when you are reading this. Aren’t we in the world that is called “media space”? Yes, sure, isn’t it what we’re learning about? The media space is where we are living in though we may not realise that. It’s huge, it’s bigger than we imagine. It looks like we are using it because we created it, but it is, at the same time, consuming us as it grows bigger, and it will keep continuing until we’re swallowed.

Do you think so? Do you think human will be swallowed by a virtual space? I know it sounds ridiculous but I’m afraid it will happen sooner or later. There was a time, I spent most of my time online and I couldn’t leave it, even when there was nothing cool. I know that out there, there’re people like I used to be. Tell me, how many hours a day do you spend on the Internet? How many times per day do you check your Facebook?

It looks like I (contemporarily) got the answer for her question. That is really an interesting question if you sit back and think about it. But first, excuse me, I have to go back to my real life to take a shower.


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