Cyberpunk is NOW

Cyberspace, since it appeared, has impacted vastly on our culture. Not only changed the way we communicate, it also created a thing that I would like to call a-new-kind-of-culture, a new genre, cyberpunk.

The notion of cyberpunk first introduces in the 1980s. There are several ways to explain this term, but generally, it’s a combination of cybernetics and punk subculture, which means a genre of science fiction set in a lawless subculture of an oppressive society dominated by computer technology and usually presented in a dystopian future setting, where often occurs wars and fight for rights and deals with questions related to humanity. Cyberpunk can also be considered as a subculture of sci-fi. Some well known cyberpunk authors may count William Gibson (Neuromancer, 1984) or Neal Stephenson (Snow Crash, 1992). Cyberpunk movies were once extremely popular, just like superhero movies nowadays, unfortunately, every era has its end. The Matrix, Terminators or Robocop are no longer strange names.

Examples of cyberpunk show us the dark sides of society, where human values are dog-cheap and soon be dominated by artificial intelligence, which often are cold-blooded. Then, human, from creator, become slave of what they created. That sounds really bad, isn’t it?


Ultron prime decided to destroy the world after 5 minutes surfing the Internet

Cyberpunk, by the way, does not necessarily dystopian, though that’s what we normally see at it, it consists of the punk culture, so probably the dark world full of rebels and wars would justify them more. Cyberpunk can be a soothing story with bright colour, for instance, the video below. It is about an artificial intelligence that goes beyond a robot to know to feel, to love, and to desire to live.

With the development of technology, cyborg is no longer fiction. In 2000, Honda first introduced ASIMO, now, assistant robots like the example above are everywhere. Will there be, sometime, in the future, it is impossible to tell who is human and who is robot while walking in the streets? And probably, threat from artificial intelligence will no longer be Hollywood fantasy.




5 responses to “Cyberpunk is NOW

  1. Hey, its great that you went in depth with Cyberpunk, at first I struggled to fully understand its purpose within our society. Yet as you described it is all around us. and has derived from the introduction of the telegraph. Its amazing how fast our generation is now understanding and creating cyber projects that over only a decade ago they had no idea about the internet. Do you think that due to the internet, it has created a substantial growth in intelligence in that area, creating content curators as a cause?


  2. I agree with Jade, I was quite unsure of the meaning of ‘cyberpunk’ when it was mentioned in the lecture and your post has given me a more comfortable understanding. I think the relationship you mention, between humans and their creation, will be really interesting in the years to come, especially as our inventions grow in mental capacity. I like how you made the point that cyberpunk is not dystopian by definition, and that video was a great example. To give you a current example of an artificial intelligence which feels emotions beyond what it would be deemed capable, check out this source ( Siri, Apple’s ‘intelligent assistant’, snapped at a phone user when he called her Cortana by mistake (Cortana is the Microsoft version). The capacity of this interface to demonstrate jealousy in a human tone is fascinating.
    – Claire


  3. Your explanation of what cyberpunk is, is very clear and understandable to the reader. I enjoyed that you revealed that not all cyberpunk productions are dystopian, although this is what people assume. This article may help you further your research as it has an interesting argument as to how and why cyberpunk is dystopic with examples regarding Blade Runner and Ghost in a Shell:


  4. Hey I enjoyed your post, cyberpunk is a weird facet of cyberculture and it was cool to read your further research into it. Although cyberpunk is largely just based in fiction and somewhat until now (with the whole ASIMO) thing there haven’t been any real world consequences. But as you pointed out I think it definitely shows something deeper about our society and I think through cyberpunk people have found a lot of room for expression regarding their views of the world/ rapidly expanding technologies of the time. The only thing I’d recommend is just some proof reading as their are a couple really small grammar/ spelling errors in your post but otherwise great article.


  5. Hi! Really great blog post, really enjoyed how you explained what cyberpunk really is! It helped me understand the concept more indepth. Loved how you also added a youtube video to accompany your post! Great meme as well.


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