In the midst of digital age

So last week, in my blog post, I discussed the now of cyberpunk and I emphasised that cyberpunk is and will no longer be Hollywood fantasy, due to the rapid development of technology. I also mentioned the emergence of assistant robots and they are doing our works pretty well. That is an example of the application of digital technology in work.

In the midst of digital age, the liquid labour is becoming the new normal paradigm of business, it is becoming a new trend and shaping the economy. Whether a business sells product, services or ideas, it is a digital business and opting out of the revolution is not a choice.

22% of the world economy now is digital economy. The Internet is playing a huge role in the progress. For instance, instead of sitting the whole day and the whole week in the office to work, we are now able to work from distance. And the network, which has the Internet as a part, is assisting us. My cousin, a programmer, is now living and working in Sydney, but still working for a company bases in Vietnam simultaneously. Another example of practicing liquid labour in workplace is journalism. Instead of spending a whole morning in the street for stories like they normally do, they can stay home, research, interview and submit online. Everything they need is a table, a computer and the Internet (probably a cup of coffee too). Technology has our work more convenient, though it does make us lazier. Despite the advantage of technology at work, it raises a question whether one day they will replace us? With the assistance of technology, many parts has been automated completely. If the trend keeps growing, will we be able to get a job (while J.A.R.V.I.S can do almost everything)? According to BBC, approx. 35% of current jobs in the UK are at high risk of computerisation over the following 20 years (check here to see whether your occupation is in the list). What about Australia?



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