Are you thinking of running an online business?

This is a true story about a young woman I know. She was a business graduate a couple of years ago, having a little capital but not enough to open a shop. So she decided to start her business by getting online orders, both to reduce the risk of inventory and ensure the lowest price for customers. By using Facebook as a platform for marketing, she could easily get to know public interest and attract more people to visit her online shop. Once things went on track, she broadened her business. Two years laters, her shop became a credible wholesale and retail  source, and she first opened her own REAL shop, and it keeps growing. After 4 years since she first start her business, from a virtual shop on Facebook, she and her brand won the national breakout business award for entrepreneur.

Why do people chose the Internet as the starting point for their business? First of all, it’s free (or at least it costs very little.) Additionally, it’s highly accessible so it makes things easier for both sellers and buyers. Tell me, who has never ordered a stuff from an online source like Amazon? As long as you are connected to the Internet, it will come to you.

Using the Internet in business has become a choice of many start-up companies. Thanks to technological advances, the world is more connected than ever before. The world is becoming digitised. An estimated 44% of the world population uses the Internet as of 2016 (3.2 billion users), this number will (undoubtedly) grow. Mobile devices are increasingly becoming the commerce device of choice.

1-breb3qju2d-iyjsmtxwvkgImage source here

Digitisation is a global trend, economy is turing digitised and catching the trend is essential if you don’t want to be left behind.



5 responses to “Are you thinking of running an online business?

  1. Good blog post, I really like the personal story of the girl you knew and her business and it really connects to the audience just how powerful the internet is! I like how you’ve connected your story with the facts that you have provided however I think that maybe your blog post could benefit from having some more research on different resources about this topic to really bring it home and prove your point. Maybe even just one more link to provide yourself with extra information that you yourself wouldn’t even have to write out!
    I like the meme it goes well with your story and blog post, and it really does connect with me as it’s something that the character would actually say1
    well done!

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  2. Good stuff. A small, but real example of businesses adapting to the internet age humanises the struggle. My only criticism is that it relies heavily on the story, instead of using it as a way to elevate your point. Either a few more links, a YouTube video discusses how businesses must function on the internet, would have greatly benefitted your blog post.


  3. Relative to traditional media consumption decreasing, as shown in the graph, newspaper circulation decreased by 7 per cent in 2015 (Mitchell, A. Holcomb, J. 2016). While digital circulation increased by 2 per cent, Mitchell et al. states that it only illustrates 22 per cent of total circulation for the industry. Income for media is failing to create dramatic change, with advertisement revenue decreasing by 8 per cent. We can argue that this is due to the dramatic rise in content, and thus the greater demand for ‘attention’ throughout the market. While digitising and ‘catching the trend’ is fundamental to modern markets, applying a strategic approach to content may be fundamental to ensure attention.


    Mitchell, A. Holcomb, J. (2016) State of the News Media 2016, PewResearchCentre, viewed 04.09.16


  4. First off, Meme is on point, great job. I found this post really engaging. The notion that digitalisation has helped small business owners find their feet and continue to grow is a common phenomena in this day and age. However, whilst reading your post I found that I couldn’t help thinking about the other side of the story. Yes in this post you describe how digitalising your business can have multiple benefits, but what happens when things don’t work out? I thought it could be interesting to explore the other end of the spectrum. Here is an article that you might find interesting and beneficial to your blog post as it offers a slightly different perspective on the digitalisation of businesses,


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