Comfort or freedom?

From written letters to telegraph, from giant computing machine to ultra thin tablet, from fixed to portable devices, from the very first mobile cell phone was introduced in 1983 to the revolution of mobile phone in 2007 when the first iPhone appeared, the mobile industry has gone through a long way and become a crucial part of life. The mobile phone, nowadays, is not just a means of calling and texting, it is also a camera, a video player, a mini record studio, and so on, and specially the mobile web. The mobile web is huge. In 2009, global mobile internet access grew 148% year over year.

High demand in mobile use results in the competitions among mobile platforms, which includes the one between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, the two most popular OS in the world at this moment. If a person is about to a smart phone, he must be wondering whether to pick an iPhone or a Samsung that has the latest Android version.

The major difference between these two platforms is its openness. iOs is known as a walled garden with strict terms, Android is an open platform. On Android, you can switch a flip to install apps from unknown sources, whilst on iOS, you only can download apps that are accepted by Apple. If you create an app and want it to be on app store, you just need to upload it onto Google Play but if it does not satisfy iOS standards, you will get a letter of rejection. Using an Apple device means you allow them to control all your data. However, because of their strict security terms, our data is kept safer in their cloud database. So which one to choose, it depends on your purpose. If you want to customise your phone however you want it to be, Android is a great choice, on the other hand, iPhone could be a preference (though in terms of security, Blackberry and Window Phone are even better).

It can be seen that people hail Android because of iOS exclusiveness, but many of them still own a bunch of Apple devices. I used to be an Apple anti-fan when I was using Android because I found Android much easier to use, but I soon fell in love with iPhone when I first got it. It ran so much smoother and I never got any security problem with my phone. Therefore, even I love freedom, I choose Apple, and I think, this is the main reason (after its appearance) why people still use iPhone. Still the old question in the lecture, comfort and freedom, which one do you choose?



2 responses to “Comfort or freedom?

  1. Great work. I like the way you refer back to the walled garden. I like that you included your personal opinion, but it would’ve been cool to see your mediation. 🙂


  2. In review i like how the meme showing Android blowing up Apple came back to bite them with the Samsung Note 7 lol. Regardless, this article provided a good distinction between both operating systems, Nice.


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