The explosion of the Internet has, yes, bring a lot of of advantages to our lives. Thanks to the Internet, we have Facebook, Twitter, blogosphere, and so on. They are not only communication platforms, they have developed into information sources. They create a generation that we call “citizen journalism”. The formula to become a “journalist” nowadays is very simple:


With the assistance of the Internet, we are no longer dependent on mainstream media source, which is pretty slow and biased. Citizen journalism appears as a more outstanding version of journalism in speed and fairness. It doesn’t mean it is fairer, but it conveys various points of view about one topic, therefore, consumers have more chances to views the problem from various angle and hence, create their owns.



3 responses to “JOURNALISM 2.0

  1. hey, PPAP guy is literally life.(did you know that he’s actually signed to one of the biggest music companies in Korea? LOL)
    Okay so,
    Although citizen journalism does allow more points of view… is it really more credible? I can post just about anything, about any topic and if I use a certain hashtag related to the news, it will be seen and read by thousands of people. if I’m wrong, a lot of people aren’t going to know.
    Yes, you’ll have more POV’s available, but is anyone really going to be bothered to look through them?

    At least with Traditional media, you’re presented a full story, and you know who/what source is writing it so you can kinda guess which side of the story is being told.

    This is a groovy source/ comparison of the two just in case you’re keen on some more information (I’m sorry it’s so long HAHA) :


  2. HA! great meme, awesome to open with some old school banter.
    I also agree with Jess’s comment, your argument was not overly developed in the respect that you did not consider the pros and cons of citizen journalism. I know I personally still receive a decent amount of information from news channels which I follow on Facebook and Twitter. For future reference/development of this blog post maybe try to include a person experience of when you have been the prosumer sharing information and content! 🙂


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