The Internet of Things: Scenarios

50 years ago, a television was still a dream of many household.

15 years ago, no one can imagine one day, owning a smart phone is just an everyday stuff.

What do we have now? Smart TV, smart home and wearables are no longer science-fiction, and smart cities, smart farming and smart cars are in top 10 most popular Internet of Thing applications.

The world is becoming “smarter” than ever. An estimated of  8.7 billion things were connected in 2012. According to Cisco’s prediction, this number will grow up to 50 billions by 2020.  The Internet of Things (IoT) is marvellous. Imagine how great it is when you buy a new car, you just need to enter destination and relax, your car will drive you wherever you want.


But it always comes with challenges. The more advanced the technology is, the more opportunity for black hat hackers to play. A lately study looked for ways a hacker could access the car’s network by breaking into its wireless-enabled radio, for instance, and issuing commands to the automated steering, parking, braking, or driving mechanisms. Bad news for owners of a 2014 Jeep Cherokee, a 2014 Infiniti Q50, or a 2015 Escalade: your car has cool, state-of-the-art network technology, but it’s also most likely to get attacked via Bluetooth, telematics, or the onboard phone app.


Though there are always backwards and challenges, the Internet of Things is still on trend and there’s no other way, as technology never stops developing. Or can be said that, the Internet of Things is the future of things.


4 responses to “The Internet of Things: Scenarios

  1. Your brought up good points about hackers breaking into new technologies like smart cars and also used a relevant example of how popular connected items are still becoming. There are just a few grammar points that you can improve on in your text; for example, rather than saying “everyday stuff”, writing “everyday thing” would make more sense. In your third paragraph, writing “and now smart cities, smart farming and smart cars are…” would allow your sentence to be more concise and in the fourth paragraph, saying “But this always comes with new challenges” would also be more grammatically correct. I hope this has been helpful!


  2. Great post! We have smart-everything these days and smart technology is continually evolving so it will be interesting to see what the future will bring. I think you are absolutely right in saying that “The more advanced the technology is, the more opportunity for black hat hackers to play”. This makes perfect sense – with technology continually developing there are way more angles for hackers to attack from. Speaking of cars, have you explored Google’s self-driving car project? Check it our here 🙂


  3. Good post thanks for putting the chart graphic, it helps a lot, I agree everything is more connected now and theres no way we wouldnt be connected i think in the future theres no such a thing as no wifi connection as we will connected globally, but will we be save in term of our privacy?


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