Where I’m from

Where I am from?

Where I am from?

At first I thought this assignment is  specifically about where I was born and raised, or, in particular, in hometown, my country, otherwise, my everyday life. But the more I worked, the more I found that was irrelevant to the poem, and to me. That was when I realised what really matters is what creates the person I am today, doesn’t matter if they’re still be with me. It may be not the house you grew up or the teddy bear you slept with every night, for me, it is what made you laugh, and cry, and still makes you laugh and cry like the old days when you think about it. It is what changed you, shaped your character, made you want to be a better self, and helped you gain what you have today. Or in short, it may not where you were born, but where you were reborn.


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