Where I’m from #3



Where am I from?

To answer the question, I created a path, trying to go back to the root. Closing my eyes, I dig into memory. I saw flashes and I saw flare. I saw dim lights flicking when electricity went out. I found the lullabies. I adore those soft melodies my mother used to sing every night. Unfortunately, the deeper I went, the more I found them chaotic. Things became unclear and disordered. Soft as a feather, they passed by as light as a cloud floating in the sky. Trying my best, but I couldn’t hold them, and maybe, I never can. Memories turned to chaos. Maybe, I would never have the exact answer for this question. Maybe, I never know where I’m from. And maybe, just maybe, everything was just a dream, and all I need to do is, embracing those sweet dreams to live on for the rest of my life. Because, at the end of the line, who doesn’t want to bring the best memories with him?



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